Prepping Your Property for Market

You have decided to list your property on the market? New job, relocation due to job or family situation, down-sizing or up sizing? Whatever the reason, I’m sure you are either super excited, sad or thinking ‘how am I going to get this house ready’?

As a professional home stager, I have consulted with hundreds of homeowners to help them get their property ready for photos and/or market. The first thing I tell you is this is no longer your home…you have to get into the mindset that this is now just a piece of property that you are going to have your realtor list on the market. The property you buy will become your new HOME. Really, once you get use to referring to your present place of residence as a property vs your home, 9 out of 10 times it will ease the pain of moving worries/concerns [- make sense?].

Some properties may require painting, upgrades, etc. The property below was in great shape & other than a table/chairs in dining, did not require anything other than a few cosmetics.

In the first set of photos, the homeowners were very motivated to get into their new home so it was easy for them to follow my suggestions for staging their property for photos/listing.

The second set shows a child’s room. Again, cosmetic easy changes & professional photos make all the difference.

End results – property went pending in ONE day!

Homeowners get into habits in their homes, here using an island for kitchen table worked well with them.
By simply adding a proper dining table [which they would use in new HOME anyway] made this a striking & inviting room!

I always recommend removal of any child’s name used as wall decor. In this case, the name was removed and decals reset. The parents removed items the child could live without and what a difference.

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