Does Curb Appeal Really Work?

It is a no brainer when it comes time to market your property that the outside of your property or the curb appeal is the first view of your property whether doing a drive by or looking online, more likely than not the first photo is of the exterior or front yard of the property. The thought process is, if the yard looks neat and inviting on the outside, than the inside is as well.

Look at both of the below. Gorgeous and just pulling you in to the front door!

Luxury landscaping!

So how hard is it to get your front yard dressed for success? Ok so the houses above may require a little more work than you want to take on but you gotta admit both are beautiful works of art.

So back to the basics. It doesn’t have to be hard at all if you are not afraid to get your hands and knees a little dirty. Here are some simple things to do to get your yard dressed for curb appeal whether you are prepping house for sale or you just want to beat the neighbor in the “Best Yard of the Month” competition here you go.

  • Treat your yard as needed with fertilizer
  • Mowing is important but do not forget to trim your curbs & bed edges
  • Black mulch is the best for beds or around trees. Any color pops against the black!
  • Don’t want to dig into ground to plant? No worries. Grab a couple of nice large darker colored pots & balance one on each side of porch step.
  • Next add some tall grass toward the back of the pot, a bright flower in front of that [I personally like red geraniums] toward the middle. The finishing touch is some tiny hanging greenery plant that will hang over edge of pot.

Just pick out two or three plants that please you and arrange in a large pot and it makes for a great pop of color that can be seen from the street.

Another way to make your yard pop is add bright colored pillows to your outdoor chairs on your porch.

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