A simple question for the beginning of this fabulous New Year! Are you taking care of you?

New Year’s Day is here & gone. How many of you made a resolution promising yourself that you would keep it! Guess what! According to US News [Inside Picks, 1/03/2017], 80% of resolutions made will fail by mid February! Not very good stats right? Just my opinion but here is why resolutions are so hard to keep. Resolutions sound to much like work. What if we change it to New Year’s Goals! Goals sound more doable. I am one of those who gave up making ‘resolutions’ years ago as I was one who would not follow through. For me, I think it just put more pressure on myself making that resolution on the first day of the New Year. So in July of 2018 I thought I would give it a try again but I would make it my New Years Goal – midyear – August 1st – instead of putting it off until New Year’s Day. I committed to a 5 a.m. strengthen & conditioning class three times a week. Yes, I said 5 a.m. which means I’m up at 4:10 a.m. to dress & drive to class. But for me, I have realized if I don’t exercise first thing in the morning before my work day starts, I will put it off in the evening as ‘being to tired to drive to gym’. Plus added incentive, the trainer is awesome & pushes me. On days I don’t make it to class for whatever reason I am off kilter the balance of day! Here are some of the most popular resolutions made. 1.      Exercise – whether you want to commit to a walk a day or join a class for something more driving exercise makes your brain work, your heart pump & your blood rush. seniors exercising 2.      Save money by putting yourself on a budget or simply expanding your savings. 3.      Managing your time – work smarter not harder. 4.      Plan on doing some travel? Learn a language. Listen to that cd while you are on the road or join a class! 5.      Not happy with your job, filling unfulfilled? Change jobs! According to Money.CNN.com 4/12/2017, millennials are expected to change jobs 4 times before the age of 32? My how things have changed. 6.      Build your brand by knowing who you want as your audience. 7.      Find some “Me Time” every day. Carve out a few minutes a day to destress. Stress can be so detrimental to your body. Join a yoga class, needlepoint, go bird watching, good music & a nice bath, cozy throw & a good book, breathe in and out deeply, rotate those shoulders & let the stress float away. Whatever floats your boat to destress – do it! Two suggestions to make sure you follow through with your goals for 2019! Make it attainable [set small goal at a time & then increase as you reach the goal] & share with your support group [the ones that love you no matter if you are not perfect!] & this will help keep you on track Bottom line, whatever your New Year’s Goal[d] are – be sure to add some time to Take Care of You! relax

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