Curb Appeal – What an Easy Fix!

Curb appeal is one of the easiest fixes when prepping your house for sale! Since it is normally the first slide the home shopper views online, it moves up in importance.  It is thought that probably around 94% home shoppers shop on line and will  spend less than 6 seconds on a slide. If they do not like what they see they will move on to the next and your property’s chance is lost:( It is imperative to have an eye catching exterior shot to make them want to see what the interior has to offer.   If you like working outdoors, it can be fun and relaxing and very gratifying at the end of the project!

This is one of those homes that was crying to have the yard addressed when owners decided to put house on market. What a visual impact statement this made. A layer of exterior paint & trimming the jungle in this front yard made for a world of difference. This house did not disappoint!

front view 2

This was a super cute house that just needed to be dressed to be seen! The overgrown bushes and plants were trying to take over the house and yard. The brick and ho hum bland brick was hiding the really cool (but worn) door.

front view 22

Wow, the white just set the tone for this gorgeous blue color on door. You can now see the detail in the door and the nice windows! Of course, you can tell these pics were taken in different seasons but still – what an amazing transformation! Oh, did I forget to tell mention this house went pending/sold for almost 102% of list price in a very short time!

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