Fast & Inexpensive Fixes for Dressing Home To Keep or Sale!

One of the easiest fixes to your property for prepping for the market is drum roll……Paint! It is very cost efficient & can make a world of difference in your mls photos! Ok, you can hire a painter if you are not prone to DIY projects.

Related image

The second and cheapest fixer is re-arranging or removing pieces of furniture to a more desired floor setting. It is a no brainer as all it cost you is some muscle & imagination. You don’t have an imagination? Call a home stager for a home consultation. She/He can get you started on a plan or just give you a hands on help! Whether you are remodeling for yourself or to sell, a home staging consult can be a tremendous help.

family 1family 2

In the above photos, the family room was long and full of game machines, pool table, shelves, etc. We decluttered and made this the tv/family room you could walk thru. The paint was the icing on the cake!

Yes it is true that if you are painting your forever home then go to town and paint whatever color you want – after all – you are painting for you.  BUT when it comes time to sale these owners recognized and took advice as to how to prep their property for the sale – repainting to a more neutral color.You can see it did the trick.

Here are a few shots above and below of  the end results of a home consultation. It really was a beautiful home in a very much desired neighborhood in Austin but it was time for an update with paint & some furniture just needed to be addressed.

living 1

The before pic above shows the dark red walls. What a difference paint makes – lightened up the room so much. We also moved the love seat from the end of the sofa to sit across in front of window allowing a nice flow for traffic thru the room from the front door.  What a difference the paint made along with the new furniture lay out in both rooms!

living 2

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