The 5 Ps of Success – What are They & How Do They Relate to Home Staging Consults?

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance! Well that makes sense, right? Let’s look a little closer to these five simple words as they can relate to home staging. In particular I want to integrate the 5 Ps into a home staging consultation word by word.

Proper – I personally enjoy home consultations as for the most part they can be fairly simple and straightforward, if you are prepared with a plan of action for handling your consults. You are the expert and, thus, you need to look, act & sound like the expert when approaching a project.  After doing a few of these consults, you will have your system down to a science. You will know what equipment you need – identification, ipad/camera, paper, pen, measuring tape, etc and most importantly a smile when you hit that doorbell.

Planning – is everything! Where are you going? Do you have the correct address?  Did you confirm date/time of consult? Did you confirm with Realtor who will pay for consult? Do they want a walk n talk or a full consult with report? This is a very important question as the service fee should be different for each. Will this be a one on one with homeowner or does your Realtor like to walk along? Did you arrive a few minutes early so you have time to  red car    the neighborhood and check it out? Do you have proper names of homeowner[s] you will be consulting? Be clear when you explain to homeowner why you are there and what you will be doing. There may be times you want into a consult and the homeowner has no idea why you are there? I always tell mine that “I am a service that ‘REA’ offers to EVERY client….’ And that is usually enough.

Prevents – Knowing any details that Realtor can tell you may prevent an unnecessary surprise. It is always good to know [& these are just for example] – is this a divorce [happy or not so happy], empty nesters, family expansion, relocating due to promotion, family health, etc?  You don’t want to walk into an emotional situation & not be prepared. It can make a consult hit a sour note very quickly. Be prepared! If you are able, chat with your Realtor and ask him for anything out of the ordinary.

Poor – If client is resistant or just sad show empathy but do your job. You are not helping the homeowners or earning your fee if you are sugar coating issues of the house so as not to make anyone upset. ROI & stats can be a game changer in your consult discussion. Have them ready to use if needed to show owner importance of your suggestions. The bottom line for any seller is money! If they ‘don’t want to do anything’ then more often than the selling price will be affected.   I always send the Realtor a email afterwards letting him/her know how the consult went so they will have a heads up once they have seen the report & discussed with their client.

Performance – Stay focused on why you are there, explain to them again about the report/homework, when they should expect to receive the report from you.laptop   Always, always leave on a happy note and smile on your face. More often than not, if the homeowner started with a frown, they are usually smiling by time the consult is over. Til next time…

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