My Second Serious Venture into Blogging Begins…

I have been a professional home stager for almost nine years but realistically I have been a stager since childhood. Really! As a child, Mom would hand each of us kiddos a brush and point us to a specific area where we would all start painting. We never knew when these painting jobs would happen, only that Mom had decided that week to change a room’s color. I loved (and still do) the fresh look of a freshly painted room gives you. For the price of a gallon of paint, I am in my happy place.  Mom, thank you for giving me that passion.

Along the way thru life I have held several positions that I enjoyed & never thought about going into a business myself…..UNTIL…. I moved to Texas in the mid-nineties. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball & everything you knew as being “normal” isn’t anymore.  I was very lucky! I have a beautiful daughter, Carrie, who was my rock in all the years’ of turmoil. I hope she really knows and understands how embedded she really is in my heart…  I was embraced by my extended Texas family, found a job making good money, friends & The Big Guy {aka my husband, life partner, love, etc} who I could go on and on explaining what he means to me but I would get gushy. Ha. Enough of that.

One day around ten years ago I realized that I had been helping friends, neighbors, etc for years in choosing paint color, moving furniture, shopping for decor, etc  & that I was good at it. Hmmm, maybe I should give some serious thought to starting my own business?

After much time researching the various staging companies, I chose Home Staging Resource to obtain training.  Now here I am a professional home stager with my own business, setting my hours & meeting with clients on my terms. I know I have found my dream job. Who knew you could have so much fun while getting paid. LOL.

This blog has been long in coming. I started one years ago and stopped thinking no one would be interested in what I had to say about anything but I do love a challenge so here I go again. There may be days you enjoy what I am writing & more than likely there might be a day or so that I bore you to tears. It may not always be anything related to home staging but give me a chance & lets see where this takes us! Til next time!


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